My Cooking Philosophy

I love to eat. Thankfully, my running habit means that I am often hungry, but I find that I feel best when I eat well.

I study human diet and nutrition from an anthropological perspective, and this means that I get lots of questions from friends and acquaintances about various fad diets. What I have learned through my studies, and through personal experimentation, is that following any-one diet is not necessary, nor is there one single way that humans are ‘evolved’ to eat. I try to eat fresh, unprocessed foods as often as possible, because that is what makes me feel best.

That said, eating should be a pleasant experience. In general, I think that fresh foods taste best, but I also LOVE baked goods and indulgent, gourmet dinners. I strive to keep a balance between healthy ‘whole’ foods in my diet and splurges, like cupcakes, whole grain bread, or creamy mac and cheese.

Most of my recipes are simple and quick, because I need homemade foods that fit into my busy life. I also try my best to use ‘normal’ ingredients and create economical recipes. That said, I have lots of fun trying new things (the stranger the ingredient, the more excited I get), so sometimes my recipes will feature ‘exotic’ ingredients.

Many of the recipes on this blog are for foods that I eat on a weekly basis, but I also post lots of recipes for ‘splurges.’ I hope that you find something here that you like, whether it is a light salad, or an indulgent dessert.

**Disclaimer: I am not a licensed dietitian, and the opinions on this blog are my own.***


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