It’s all about the s’mores!

And…once again, it’s Monday. I hope that the weekend treated you well, and that you are ready to face the week.

We had some much needed vacation time, and took a camping trip near Moab, UT. The puppy was great, and absolutely loved snuggling between us in our tent at night.

Here are some highlights:

To be honest, my favorite thing about camping is having a campfire and making s’mores. As a child, I was known to eat four or five at a time, and while I have learned some restraint over the years, I still LOVE s’mores.

We didn’t plan ahead very well for this trip, so I didn’t buy (or make) any fancy/crazy flavored marshmallows. Instead, we decided to dress up our s’mores with really good chocolate. I used a dark chocolate with sea salt for these- so good!

The most important thing is making sure the chocolate melts. It was really hot here this weekend, so our chocolate was very soft by the time we ate it, but sometimes I like to actually stiff little bits of chocolate inside of the marshmallow while I roast it. That way it melts into the marshmallow and is perfectly gooey on a s’more.

Do you have any favorite flavor combinations? I’m thinking of using something with cacao nibs next time. The crunch might be nice!


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  1. Our boys would protest if we didn’t use Hersheys chocolate and plain marshmallows. Next time we go tothe cabin I will try to remember to bring some better varieties for the adults- good idea.


    1. There is something pretty great about s’mores with Hersheys…but it’s fun to branch out, too!


  2. emilyinutah says:

    And wow–what an idea to put chocolate inside the ‘mallow! Cool! Beautiful pics, too.


  3. LOVE s’mores! Utah is a beautiful state. I haven’t been able to say overnight there but we drove through and loved it!


    1. I hope you get a chance to spend some time in Utah! I’ve lived all over, and come to the conclusion that it’s one of the best places to run!


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