Quick Asian Pickles

Here is a pickle recipe that you can prepare in the morning and enjoy for lunch.

I love making quick pickles. They don’t require any boiling or canning, and because they are ready is such a short amount of time, you can play with flavors and make something to complement your evening meal.

I made these to serve with a cabbage/shrimp stir fry over black rice noodles. They are zesty and have just a tiny bit of heat- a great addition to any simple meal. For lunches this week, I’ll serve the rest with brown rice and chicken. I have also really enjoyed snacking on them while I wait for dinner. These are a great way to sneak extra vegetables into your diet.

You can use any combination of vegetables you like. Just make sure to slice them thin, so that they absorb the vinegar quickly.


1 cucumber, sliced in thin rounds

1 yellow squash, sliced lengthwise

1 red pepper, sliced thin

2 jalapenos, sliced thin

1 inch knob of fresh ginger, sliced into thin sheets (I used a peeler to do this)

1/2 inch round of fresh horseradish root, grated

2.5 cups rice wine vinegar

2 tablespoons honey

2 tablespoons lime juice


1. Divide the vegetables evenly among two large jars.

2. In a medium bowl, whisk together the vinegar, honey, and lime juice until fully combined.

3. Pour half of the vinegar mixture into each of the jars. Refrigerate for at least four hours, and for up to a week.


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  1. These look great. I have made similar and use it on some Asian pork tacos we make. The recipe that I use doesn’t have fresh ginger, which would add a good flavor. Thanks for posting!


    1. Asian pork tacos sound amazing!


      1. They are. I just clicked around your blog more and see that you mix my husband’s two favorite things- food and running. He loves Utah and went out there on a mancation to mountain bike and trail run around Moab. Just followed your blog to show him. I just started blogging a couple weeks ago and would love some feedback! Thanks!


  2. I’ll check out your blog. Food and running are my favorites, too! Moab is fantastic. We’re headed down there in March, and I can’t wait!


  3. emilyinutah says:

    Here’s a question: how hard is it to find fresh horseradish root? I’ve never bought it before, but it’s delicious!


    1. Not sure…I found it at Sprouts over the weekend. I bet they have it at Smith’s, though.

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