Road Trip Recap, part 1

What better way to burn off all of the Christmas drinks and desserts than….sitting in the car for 40 hours!

I have been living in Germany for the last 2+ years, and my husband is lucky enough to have a flexible job that allowed him to spend a fair amount of time with me there, but in November I closed up my apartment, went home to Vermont for the holidays, and now it is time for the two of us to start over again in the mountain west.

We lived in Salt Lake City for several years before I went to Germany, and absolutely loved it. In fact, the worst thing about moving back to the region is the ridiculously long drive. This is my fourth time driving across the country, and we decided to shake things up by taking a northern detour.

We both really like road trips, and one of the challenges is to find fun local ‘attractions’ en route without wasting too much time. We didn’t do the best job on the first leg of our trip, but here are a few impressions.

We are taking a break for a few days in the chilly north (I am about to head out for a run in 1 degree weather…) and then meandering south-west. Weather permitting, we might check out the Badlands or Mt. Rushmore. If anyone has recommendations for that part of the country, I’m all ears!


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