Snow Run

Yesterday was my first snowy run in almost two years!

Last winter it only snowed once in Leipzig, and on a day that I was traveling. I think my legs forgot how much harder it feels to run through half a foot of wet snow. I also forgot how satisfying it is to make the first footprints on an unplowed road.

I’ve never been shy about running in bad weather. Running through the snow always feels harder than running on clear ground, and so I tell myself that winter running makes me stronger in the spring. Nonetheless, winter running can be pretty uncomfortable if you aren’t prepared.

Here are a few tips:

Sweat wicking hats and gloves are essential, as well as a waterproof jacket, and for longer runs sometimes it’s smart to bring a second pair of socks in case your feet get soaked. In extremely cold weather, I like to wear a face mask. Sunglasses and visors can also help to keep snow and sleet out of your eyes.

In heavy snow, make sure to wear reflective gear, and if possible stay on sidewalks so that you don’t have to worry about drivers. Be careful of your footing, even if sidewalks or roads are salted. Falling on ice can leave nasty bruises.

Finally, make sure to dry off and take a hot shower soon after finishing. Warming up after a cold run is important, and not always easy. Tea and hot cocoa also help!

Do you have any winter running advice?


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