Celebrating a Marathon in France

Few things feel better than crossing the finish line after running 26.2, but recharging with delicious Lyonnaise cuisine might be one of them.

Running through the Beaujolais region was spectacular. We passed several Chateaux, and even ran through a few. I knew ahead of time that there would be wine tastings along the course, but I was still surprised to see other marathoners stopping to indulge. I don’t think I would make it very far with a belly full of wine and cheese…



The hilly course was difficult since I trained in completely flat city. I think the most difficult uphills were the muddy paths through fields of grape vines. Thankfully the scenery was distracting!

I have also never seen so many people run in costume. The entire event felt like a huge, silly running party- not a bad way to do a marathon!

We traveled to and from Villefranche-sur-saone by train, and ended up waiting more than four hours after I finished running for a train back to Lyon. This was a pretty painful wait, because I didn’t have anything to eat for that entire time…my muscles are not thanking me this morning.

You can imagine our relief when we arrived at our hotel last night at 7 (best shower EVER), and our even greater relief when we finally sat down to a beautiful meal accompanied by one of the best cotes du rhone wines I have ever tried. For a starter I tried a creme brulee of fois gras. It was delicious, but incredibly rich. Even with help from my husband, I only finished half.

My goals for today and tomorrow morning before I fly home? Lots of pastry!


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