Chewy Whole Grain Bagels

For some reason, I have been craving bagels lately. My pumpkin spice whole wheat bagels turned out well (after all, does pumpkin spice ever taste bad?), but they didn’t quite capture the soft chewiness of a real New York bagel.

A little research turned up this recipe from Epicurious, which looked a little time consuming but promised to result in legit, delicious, chewy bagels.

I think that the overnight rise in the refrigerator was key. I didn’t have any bread flour on hand, and used a 50/50 combination of all purpose and whole wheat flour instead, and I still ended up with perfect, delicious bagels.

This recipe only makes six bagels, so I doubled it. I recommend following the instructions closely, but feel free to play around with different types of whole grain flour. Next time I think I might try a 75/25 ratio of whole grain to white flour.

Also, have fun with the toppings. I couldn’t choose one flavor, so I made 4 bagels sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, four with poppy seeds, and four with course sea salt. They were all wonderful, and it’s nice to have some variety.


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