Yoga For Runners

I have never been much of a yoga fan, but from time to time I’ve enjoyed power yoga or ashtanga yoga classes. That said, more intense kinds of yoga don’t seem to complement my running very well. They leave me too tired to get in the quality miles and speedwork that I enjoy.

Runners World Website has a great series of yoga videos that has changed my mind about yoga and running. These videos are short, not too intense, and include some really good stretches. Yesterday was a rest day for me, but I wanted to move a little bit, so I tried this core yoga video. My favorite in the series is the recovery yoga video. I sometimes do this three or four times a week- after long runs, after hard speed workouts, and even on rest days.

Are you a runner who enjoys yoga? Any tips for incorporating yoga into your workout schedule?


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  1. I have a very good friend who has recently become a yoga instructor. We’ve had many conversations about yoga and running. (Neither feels all that enthusiastic about the other’s passion). However, I decided to give yoga a try. She’s been giving me one-on-one sessions. Which I appreciate because we’re working very hard on the right form and focusing on areas I need it most. It seems it’s less yoga and more of a “runner’s clinic.” So, even though I thought I’d never do yoga, today will be my 5th week.


    1. That sounds great! I think that addressing muscle imbalances is so important in order to avoid injuries, and I bet that runner-specific yoga is a perfect way to do that!


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