Blueberry Basil Hand Pies

I made these mini pies for a dinner party earlier this summer. The buttery crust is flaky, and a hint of basil complements the blueberry-goat cheese filling.

Summer baking
Summer baking

I followed this recipe from ‘Local Milk’ and with a few modifications. First, I increased the goat cheese by 1/8 cup and reduced the buttermilk by 1/8 cup, because I thought the filling was too runny. I also decreased the honey to 2 tablespoons, and didn’t sprinkle the pies with raw sugar (I don’t like the texture).

Assembling these pies was a little fiddly. Use a large round cookie cutter or a cup to cut small circles of pastry dough. Once you have cut all of your circles, use a small spoon to place the filling atop the circles. I’d suggest filling and topping the pies one by one, as the filling is runny. Make sure not to overfill, try to work quickly!


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