Summer Recap

Its hard to believe that September is already here! Summer felt especially short this year, because I was in the chilly, wintry Southern Hemisphere until the beginning of July, and August in Leipzig brought cool weather. That said, I’ve enjoyed some great summer weekends, beautiful, sunny runs, and traveled around Germany and Italy sampling delicious local treats. Here are some highlights.


1. Winter in Namibia

Winter in Namibia is nothing like winter at home. For one, its still pretty hot and sunny during the day. Mornings and evenings are pretty chilly, especially when camping, but sunny afternoons have you running for shade. After finishing up my fieldwork, I had a few days in Swakopmund and Windhoek, and traveled to the Brandberg for the first time. Here are a few photos.


2. Travels in Germany with my mom

My mother visited me in Leipzig, and while she was here we traveled around the area a bit, made a trip to Munich, and sampled lots of local cuisine.


3. Venice

Running was a must on this short vacation. From gelato, to wine, prosecco, multi-course lunches, and decadent late night dinners, we indulged completely in Venice.


4. Running

When I’m working in Namibia, I don’t get to run as much as I would like. I camp in the desert, and the days are hot, very sunny, and busy. In order to run, I have to wake up before the sun and find nice paths over the rocky terrain.  Its usually worth it, though, for the gorgeous sunrises, cool plants,  and spectacular mountain scenery.

In Germany the summer days last forever, and running is my favorite way to enjoy the early morning cool. Leipzig is a great city for running. Wildpark, Clara Zetkin Park, and the canal help you feel like you’ve escaped the city, and miles of trails keep things from getting too repetitive. Some of my favorite sites are the spring and summer wildflowers, ducks on the canal, and the wild boars in Wildpark.

 5. Ice cream

One of the best things about summer in Germany is all of the ice cream. No matter what the weather, the density of people walking around with ice cream cones has to be higher than anywhere else in the world. Honestly, I’ve only had a couple of cones this summer, and I plan to fix that before colder weather sets in.



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